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What We Do

PageChecker helps ensure the smooth running of your web pages and the success of your online campaigns. Our platform:

Uses a simple and easy-to-navigate interface
Monitors all web pages that you add to your list
Checks for downtime to keep your web performance seamless
Detects unwanted text changes on your webpage in case you’ve been hacked
Ensures forms you are using for lead generation are working & receiving data
Notifies you when your pages are down
Your website monitoring hub
  • Form tester

    Are you driving people to a lead generation form they can't submit? Be sure your forms are both collecting leads and emailing the data to you.
  • Check pages & texts

    Don't just check a page can load, but that it has your text. This can help you catch page configuration issues, redirects, and hacks.
  • Easy to use

    Skip the technical jargon like HTTPS, Port 80, and whatnot. Simply check that pages you are sending valuable visitors to are working to avoid wasting money.
Our Clients